Rodeo bull party

Oldham Surf Simulator Hire

If you are thinking of having a BBQ, birthday party, beach party or non-themed event then the surf simulator from Rodeo Empire can be a great way to put a smile on your guests faces. We will deliver the surf simulator to your location in Oldham easily and entertain your guests.

Competitors will ride the waves and feel like they are on the open ocean. At the beginning, it will feel like a calm sunny day before the giant tsunami and eventually WIPEOUT! Although the surf simulator is a one player game it is fun to watch when not playing.

Oldham & North West Surfing Simulator Hire

The Surf Simulator can be delivered to Oldham and surrounding areas in the North West of the UK. Some areas will be charged delivery however many areas are free of charge.

  • Beach themed party
  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Events
  • Nightclubs
  • TV Promotion
  • Family gathering

Oldham and North West surf simulator may also be known as "surf machine" or "surfing simulator". The surf simulator will come fully staffed and insured. Digital timers will record the best time and the current time to help create a healthy competition. Please see the requirements page for information regarding the minimum before you hire. You can book online or by calling 07516 388 484.

Interested in a package? Please see Castleempire as we have packages that include Bouncy Castle and or Rodeo Bull.